I'm a 44-year-old 5'11", 80kg male with a relatively fit/slim build. I like to keep up with fashion and look good when out and about but absolutely have no clue when it comes to matching colours, material types and such or what is/isn't fashionable. Store attendants are helpful but I get the feeling they don't have my best interests at heart, they just want to lighten my wallet. Enter Susie G. 
Susie G has provided me with completely accurate, unbiased fashion and clothing advice for ~10 years, from the other side of the world (I live in Australia, she lives in England). Knowing what I will/won't wear and what size I am, Susie G uses her gifted knowledge of consumer fashion to find me classic contemporary pieces that remain fashionable year in, year out and go with the rest of my wardrobe. She has a knack of finding exactly what I need but can't quite articulate. One example of this is when I needed a jacket for work. I wanted something that was smart, provided protection from the elements, could be worn with shirt/tie/pants going to/from work or casually with jeans/jumper out to a pub if need be, that wasn't a stuffy sports coat or a cumbersome/bulky jacket. Susie G found me a fantastic smart black, light weight Hugo Boss jacket on sale (end of season in UK) that absolutely satisfied the brief. I would have wasted many hours looking for such a piece but Susie G was able to find it quick time and ship it over. :-) 
If, like me, you really need help finding the right clothing or need to start from scratch to restructure your wardrobe and don't have time to spare aimlessly wandering through clothing stores, I can absolutely recommend the fashions services of Susie G. 
Franc, Systems Engineer 
I must admit I do like fashion and enjoy looking out for the new trends, however I never seem to be able to find things that suit me or my body type and I just can't be bothered spending hours rummaging through endless racks of clothing only to be disappointed yet again! I am very fortunate that Susan loves shopping and has a great eye for knowing what will look good on me. Even though Susan is living in the UK and I am in Australia Susan can still advise me on what looks will suit my body shape and conversely what trends to avoid. 
Susan has an uncanny way of picking up items for me from the UK and they ALWAYS suit and fit me perfectly (yes I know, UNBELIEVABLE!)..... When she is back in Australia each year and we go on our shopping spree she will find things that I think I wouldn't possibly look good in and convinces me to try it on and I ALWAYS end up buying her items and receive positive feedback from friends and family. So much so that everyone who knows me will say 'Susan picked that out?' Good for her, a little bit of an insult to me!! 
Margaret, Team Leader 
Susan has styled me and given me the most amazing inspiration over the last 11 years, she has told me what suits me and what doesn’t whilst always being tactful and positive. I always look to advice from Susie before any big purchases I make and even down to little £40 purchases! Susie is a fun, positive and creative stylist who I would highly recommend! 
Clare, Professional Hair Stylist & Owner 
It’s true to say I had absolutely no idea before I met Susan, she has literally transformed my life! Now I get compliments all the time and am asked who is dressing me. Susan is able to look at someone like me who has a few body fit issues like extra long arms and broader shoulders and just know what works. Not only that, she has moved me out of my colour comfort zone and introduced colours and patterns which I would never previously have considered. I am able to go back to Susan on a regular basis and she introduces current pieces that compliment my existing wardrobe. I would thoroughly recommend her and have done so already with my friends and family. 
Paul, Consultant 
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