It is true, confidence IS key and if you have self-assurance you can pull off most things. But here are a few helpful suggestions to help you nail it! 
The temptation is there, but avoid wearing clothes that are too big or alternatively pouring yourself into clothes that are too small. Wearing clothes that actually fit properly in a structured material will create a more flattering silhouette. Having a tailor in your contacts list to make alterations is a good investment - they know how to make clothes fit the body, whatever shape you are. 
V-neck tops tend to transfer bulk into muscle by giving the illusion of elongating the face and neckline. 
Choose straight leg or tapered trousers. Wider at the thigh and slightly tapered at the ankle is comfortable, pleasing to the eye and suits most body shapes. 
Dark, plain colours ARE more suited to bigger bodies; however, it does not mean you cannot inject colour in the form of a brightly coloured beanie and/or scarf or a tee underneath a dark coloured cardigan or jacket. 
Avoid big patterns for obvious reasons. Dark clothes do not show shadows so that any lumps and bumps that sit below are not visible. You do not have to opt for all black, just tees, sweats and shirts and then you can build the rest of your look. Black is slimming but you can also introduce darker shades of colour which serve the same purpose, for example, gunmetal grey, navy, dark brown and burgundy. 
Monochrome in darker shades from top to bottom will make you appear taller by drawing the eye straight up and down. 
When it comes to layering, you are looking to create shape without the bulk so opt for thin knits, jackets and over shirts which are weighty enough not to cling but also serve the purpose of not making you look bigger. 
There is light at the end of a long year and hopefully there will be a time again soon where we have occasion to dress up. A square shouldered three buttoned blazer with wider lapels will add structure to your look. Always choose a wider tie as a thin tie will make both your neck and torso look bigger. 
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