In a world where diversity and individuality are diminishing, wearing an attention-grabbing accessory sets you apart and automatically makes life much more interesting. 
Accessories are visual cues to your personality. Interesting accessories always draw attention. Mystery and intrigue abounds! Particularly when you wear a wristband that looks like it has a cool story associated with its purchase. When I travel to other countries and different destinations I love to mark the occasion by picking up a leather, silver or beaded wristband as a keepsake for my partner to remember the trip and preserve the good memories. 
Leather, silver or beaded wristband(s) can be added to dress up or dress down an outfit depending on the occasion. They are a great way to add colour to your overall look whether ‘suited & booted’ or paired down for a more casual look. 
Rules are made to be broken but wristbands are usually worn on the dominant hand, which also serves the purpose of avoiding damage to your watch. Contrast the colour of your wristband(s) with your outfit to ensure they stand out, alternatively match them to your ensemble, the choice is yours! If you are ‘suited & booted’ or for formal occasions choose one or two wristbands (tops) to tone it down - the opposite can be said if you are going casual or to the pub with friends, go all out with multiple layers and create the stackable look, the skies the limit! 
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